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Big Week on Sesame Street!

Feb. 26, 2010

What’s better than having a Sesame Street book? Having a Sesame Street eBook!

Sesame Workshop Editorial Director Jennifer Perry told me today that Workshop elves are making several of my little 8×8 books into what they call “moving picture stories.” Here’s the link to an early version of books like my first title, The ABCs of Cookies: http://www.movingpicturebooks.com/

I’m honored to hear these beloved Muppets and monsters speak my words.

As usual, there’s no place better to be than on the Street!


Having said that, here’s a shout-out to another great place: Amurchee Elementary in Rome, GA. Thank you, Mrs. Taylor and Miss Beatty, for inviting me into your fourth-grade classroom to talk about being a writer. And thanks to students such as Jerry, Christopher, Jana, and Molly for being such good listeners and interviewers.

Write On, everybody!


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Feb. 10, 2010

I continue to be amazed at how much useful information can be found on Twitter. Mashable is a site that posts great social media updates, and Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Books, gives valuable insight into new technology. (Right now, he’s checking out Google Buzz.)

Here are some recent posts that caught my eye. Do you know what it looks like to read a book on the new iPad? Know how to use a blog as your company Web site? What is Google Buzz?

You can find out quickly through Twitter.

Oh, and by the way, it’s almost Valentine’s Day, so what could be sweeter than a Sesame Street tweet?


Now trending on Mashable: “Google Buzz: What It Means for Twitter and Facebook” – http://bit.ly/clKJYP


60% of you currently say that you will probably use Google Buzz. Our poll: http://bit.ly/atxR4u


What makes an agent want to read more? Thoughts on craft, story and voice: http://short.to/16lsz


Just posted: What Does Apple’s iPad Mean for Writers? – When Steve Jobs and his crew at Apple set… http://ow.ly/16xtBF


“How to Use a Blog as Your Company Website” – http://bit.ly/9M6VIw


Aperture 3 Hits the Apple Store – http://bit.ly/9Ct0KC


Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your children! We have lots of V-Day activities, games, videos, and more! http://bit.ly/bXTx6Q

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